How to prepare 
for a camping trip

Hiking is always an exciting and impressive adventure, but in order to hike organized and safe, you should prepare for it in advance.

Pack a first aid kit. If you're not sure what to put in it, see below for a list of things you'll need on a camping trip. You should also learn the basic principles of first aid.
Determine how long your camping trip will last and where you will sleep. If you don't determine this ahead of time, you'll have to buy and bring a tent when you could be fine in a rented cabin or cabin in the woods.

Prepare enough food: enough for three meals and one snack a day. Try not to bring too many perishable foods, like cheese, fresh meat, and milk. In general, try to avoid all dairy products and meat, because you can get poisoned if you eat something that has already gone bad. A mix of nuts and dried fruit is great for snacks, fresh fruit can be eaten for breakfast, breads or crackers for lunch, and leftovers for dinner. Also take plenty of water with you.

Gather all the other items listed in the "What you'll need" section below, and try to pack them in a small, lightweight bag. You can put small items in a backpack or wheeled suitcase, and larger items like sleeping bags can be packed in sturdy garbage bags. They're great for carrying things around and can be stowed away in a small place when not in use.

Don't bring too much stuff with you.
Load everything into your car and start driving!
It is best not to bring any jewelry or earrings. They can easily get caught on something or get lost on a hike.
Don't forget to enjoy yourself!
Dried meat and fish are also good for hiking.
If you have a choice, you may want to sleep in a cabin or lodge. They provide excellent protection from all weather conditions, they are nicer to stay in when it's raining outside, and some cabins even have air conditioning.